Saturday, July 02, 2011

Day 182 of 362

Does this shirt/tie/sweater combination work? In life, it looks iffy. In picture form, it seems okay to me...

WAYYYY late night at the Gopher last night. Skribl and I got home around 2:30AM. Then, after arguing about an earlier situation and winding down from that, it was close to 4AM when I went to bed. I was up by 8AM, due to the situation being argued about. I love my kids, and I will do just about anything for them, but last night was an argument against having them. =P

Ehhh... What's a parent to do?

On the gaming front, nothing is happening this afternoon on the schedule. I kept it open due to the July 4th holiday weekend. I suppose I could have planned some HUGE event for the store, but I figured folks would want to spend time with their families. I know I do even though I gripe about them... =)

-- GopherDave

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