Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 225 of 362

Hey all... I'm actually getting a fairly early start despite having very little sleep over the last three days or so... Wonder of wonders.

For yesterday, M12 Game Day was a semi-bust. We had eight people (the minimum necessary), and I was one of those, so... Those of us who were there had fun. *SIGH*

Also yesterday was the soft reboot of my Phoenix Champions game. This one went a little better, although not as many people altered their characters as much as I had hoped for. As it stands, I may yet have to have a conversation with one player. He's not a bad guy, and, from an intelligence standpoint, he's absolutely brilliant, but there are many things he does as a player that are just JARRING to a narrative. The bulk of it are story elements he tries to throw in that he rationalizes by saying his character had the time to make them happen, but they are out-of-nowhere things that he's just coming up with that he had not even THOUGHT about bringing to my attention beforehand. It's REALLY difficult to tell/direct/shepherd a story, or even explain what is going on to the group as a whole so they can give me a direction of how they want to proceed, when there are constant interruptions of "well, I did this in my 30 seconds of not doing anything, so this happens" from someone who's part of said group. Overall, though the game was good. I'm just (still) trying to get a handle on this one character/player. And if this player is reading this, I apologize for venting here first instead of bringing it to your attention. I *WILL* be speaking to you about this. Sometimes I just need to dump so I can get my head around my real thoughts on how I want to approach the subject.

Today... well today is Rogue Trader in the back of the store, with a Serenity RPG campaign going through character creation in the front. Monsterpocalypse will be there as well. Then tonight will be board games, and my Chicago Champions game, which is mostly planned from last time. A full day ahead...

peace... GopherDave

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