Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 316 of 362

Took a bit to get going and get settled into my day at the store. We have a couple of Pathfinder Society tables running, as well as a D&D4E campaign, and some Monsterpocalypse about to start. I've already answered a couple of texts from people looking for particular MtG cards, and am just sort of easing into some other work.

More and more responses are coming in from our "You Tell Us!" post at the store website. The feedback has been great, and Loq and I are taking everything we can into consideration. As I stated in yesterday's entry, decisions like this are incredibly difficult to make from a business perspective. Especially for a person like myself who has little to no buisness training. I am running everything from my gut and very basic financial experience.

Anytime before a decision of this magnitude happens, and I go to step off of the provebial cliff, I always wonder if I'm a lemming about to plummet or an eagle ready to soar... and I've typically got no way to know until I take that first step...

-- GopherDave

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