Thursday, January 05, 2012

I Really Can't Complain...

Okay... I am in pain and ache terribly from having to unload all the new shelving, the hardware for said shelving, the new register stand, and the new display case that arrived yesterday. I did the work pretty much on my own. Apparently "Driver Assist" does not mean what I thought it did. I got it all in, and that's what counts.

I cannot complain about it, however, as later on yesterday Hi-Sign, DDS, and I went to another game store (out of town) to get seventeen sheets of slatwall from them that they had leftover from their remodel. Given what I had done earlier, Hi-Sign and DDS did pretty much *ALL* of the work. Also given where this stuff was stored and how heavy it was, I started to feel heinously guilty by about sheet five. This would not have been accomplished without them. Not in the slightest... Thank you, guys... *A LOT*

The new point-of-sale tower should arrive today, and we should get the register stand and the new display case assembled tonight. Saturday is the installation of the slatwall, and rearranging of the storage unit to hold the old fixtures so we can continue to use them for conventions.

Work proceeds apace...

-- GopherDave

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