Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Day (of Love)...

First and foremost today, I would like to wish the lovely Loquacious a Happy Valentine's Day! Loves ya, sweetness!

If I haven't mentioned it yet, Shady's game on Saturday night was quite fun for me and couple of others. At least one other player was not enjoying it due to the session being almost COMPLETELY role-playing. He'll do it, but it's not where he derives the enjoyment of RPGs from. He's more of an action-oriented type. Not necessarily combat, but something active has to be happening at least. I can see and respect that.

The Pathfinder game I was supposed to join tonight got canned due to Valentine's Day, with two players not being able to make it due to spending time with their significant others. Fine by me... I still haven't come up with a character anyway.

Beyond that... not much is going on... Though I think I will be doing some stuff later tonight with the register. We have a HUGE dice restock coming in over the next few days and many of the items haven't been in the new system yet.

-- GopherDave

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