Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Okay... So last night was KnightErrantJR's DC Adventures game where I play Marathon, a very cynincal telekinetic. Here's how that went...

We (the New Guard/Justice League) found out about Kobra operating in South America and owning a modified Lazarus Pit that not only brings folks back from the dead, it makes them mind-controllable zombies. That's not good... Well, before the group can discuss what is going on, Marathon disappears. Just as the rest of the team realizes this, they are attacked at the base by HIVE drones and (eventually) a giant, robotic bee.

Switch scenes to South America, and we find Marathon with murder in his eyes. He's had it with all the would-be world-conquering villains coming out of the woodwork in rapid sequence due to the disappearence of the big guns (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. - part of the setting's backstory), and Marathon is intending to leave nothing but a smoking crater and plethora of bodies as an example to anybody else. Marathon, however, did not count on one thing... Kobra's hubris.

Seems the leader of the reptilian-themed cretins wanted an audience for when he beat the new "Justice League" and threw our bodies into his corrupted Lazarus Pit, so he dozens of cameras flying all over the place to get the best angle. Cameras, huh? Well... s**t... Marathon played it straight, wiped out a dozen Lanceheads, and then beat Kobra down (with the aid of a timely phone call from Myrmidon) on the poor batsrad's own pay-per-view.

Later, there was some more extraneous crap involving the Order of St. Dumas, another corrupted Lazarus Pit, and a collapsed building that Marathon has no knowledge of whatsoever. It all adds up to more shenaningans that we have to discover and crush.

For a guy who doesn't have to sleep, Marathon is awfully weary... and would really just like to have a day or two where the most crimfighting he has to do is to pimp slap a mugger.

Truthfully, I'm having a blast, and much kudos to KnightErrantJR for running an excellent game. The situation on Earth-53(?) is taking its toll on poor Marathon's psyche though, and he might not care if there are cameras next time...

-- GopherDave

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