Wednesday, August 01, 2012

One Step At A Time...

Okay... Two days in a row has GOT to mean something, doesn't it? Although, yesterday damn near killed me as the temps went way above the forecast and hit the 97 degrees Fahrenheit area. Today isn't supposed to be as bad, but we'll see.

Got no gaming done last night, but I did help Loquacious with dishes. Seriously, we had all fallen behind in household stuff, and she was the only one trying to do anything about it. Bless her heart, she was doing her best, but she was getting frustrated that no one around her was helping, and the work was piling up faster than she could keep up. So, I did what I should have been doing in the first place and pitched in. Thing is, Loquacious deserves better than that from the kids and I, and last night was a humbling reminder. I've got a very special lady in my life that I have been married to for almost twenty-one years. I shouldn't take her for granted...

Other stuff is also going on, most notably Skribl's car got hit on Friday. No one was hurt. In fact he wasn't even in it. The car was parked on the street and someone backed out of our driveway and hit it when they did so. It's damaged enough that the driver's door will not open and is thus deemed "unsafe to drive". The person who hit the car is a friend of the family, and left us their information. Unfortunately, their insurance company is being difficult in certain areas, and nothing has really moved forward yet. It's frustrating.

At the store, we seem to have corralled all the virus issues on the point-of-sale machine, but we're going to keep it discreet and offline from here on out. To help with Internet issues, we went and bought a nice tablet. It's good and it will do what we need it to, but it is slower than we'd like, and doesn't quite have the full functionality we like. So we bought a store laptop as well. Now, two people can check card prices at once, and we have a machine that can run the ubiquitous WotC-designed tourney software as well, so we are not as reliant on MY personal laptop. We probably should have just gone with the laptop from the beginning, but we sometimes get hijacked to check card values while games are happening, and the tablet allows us that portability.

Until next time...

-- GopherDave

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