Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Waking Hours...

Not only do I look all business-like, but I wrote an employee memo this afternoon. I may turn into an actual businessman yet...
The post is titled the way it is due to a bought of mania-induced insomnia I had last night. It was 5AM before I actually went to bed, and then I just sort of laid there for two hours until it was time to get up to take care some errands that needed to be attended to before I hit the store to open. So basically, I am operating on pretty much no sleep again. Yay...

I wrote and sent off a couple teaser write-ups for the potential DICEBAG campaign I will be running here, soon, with the idea that the players would choose one. One person has responded with a "I'm cool with whatever", and another person "liked" that response. I swear, getting gamers to make actual decisions sometimes is like trying to herd cats. A lot of effort for little to no feedback.

That aside, whichever ends up being chosen, I need to write the setting document for. Unfortunately for me, writing mechanics is easy, but writing fluff is difficult. I can write it. The process of doing so, though, is almost painful. It is also quite time consuming, and spare time is something that is constantly in short supply given how my life operates.

We are starting out with DL:R next week, so getting things kicked off should be easy. During that session, I can pin down what the other game will be and that will give me a week to write what I need to.  As much as I like Tai'eres, I am leaning toward Unveiled, which is sort of an odd Hunter: the Vigil/X-Files mash-up. The teaser bit I wrote for that one is below...



In this modern world of technology, science, and rational thought, things still exist that come off as… …unexplainable. These odd phenomena defy logic and reason, and stay hidden under cover of darkness and disbelief. Everything has to feed eventually, however, be it on flesh, fear, or something altogether unknown, and to feed, the things in the dark must either come out of the shadows, or drag someone into them, kicking and screaming.

            Most people have no idea what is really going on in the world around them, either by ignorance or denial, but you… you know better. Something or someone has opened your eyes to it all and now you cannot shut them. You see the things that go bump in the night and now you have no choice but to bump back. It’s the only way to end the nightmares, after all.


-- GopherDave

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