Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Whining Shall Cease...

Okay... I believe my head is finally back on right, or at least as right as it can be.

I have also figured out how I to turn a negative into a positive with regard to the game issue I was having. Finally, I decided to stop whining about it here. I've vented and gotten my head around some issues. The GM and I are still going to talk, but I should be coming at it from a less hostile direction now. I cannot speak for him, however. We shall see.

The store is going through it's pre-holiday lull. This is a period where sales slow down a bit right before the holiday season, then they ramp up as December 25th draws closer. I won't lie. Lulls such as this are a double-edged sword for me. Yes, we could use the break, but the lower sales ramps up my financial tension as a result. I know that we shall be fine, but it doesn't mean I won't worry about it.

Looking at the calendar, I have exactly 85 days to get all the stuff for DICEBAG that I want to get done. I'll be honest, I'm not certain it will happen. I will have enough material to run games, of that there is no doubt. I just will not have the material put together in "final project" form like I was hoping. As it goes, I am looking at older notes and seeing rules concepts that I have previously abandoned and wondering why I tossed them aside in the first place.

We'll see though... Life, like everything else, is just a work in progress...

-- GopherDave


  1. I'm looking forward to stealing Ken away for a week next month. :)

  2. Oh? Where are you absconding him to, Kristi?

    Or will this be more of a "stay-cation" where you guys are just hitting the family round for the holidays?

  3. Nope, we're cruising to the Bahamas with his family. :)