Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Next Blog Challenge...

Okay... another convention survived. Yes, I still have the head cold, but it is getting better...

Looking over the blog the last few months, I have noticed my regular postings have dropped off considerably. It makes sense, what, with me (and by extension, the store) getting ready for a convention and all. However, it has got me wondering "what next"?

The blog was started as a self-accountability tool for a wardrobe upgrade. For the most part, it has done that nicely, but a man can only post so many pictures of his chest/neck area before boredom begins to set in. So, what can I do in terms of tracking a challenge to keep people interested in what goes on here?

Weight loss tracking? Seems good. I need to lose weight. I was down to 285 pounds or so when life bit me in the back side. Now I'm back up to 310 pounds and am in danger of chewing on a C-Pap mask for the rest of my life if I don't make some drastic changes. When the weather gets warmer, I might buy an actual bicycle again. I should only induce about half-a-dozen heart attacks in myself trying to ride it. =P

Game design challenge? Ha-ha... HA-HA-ha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... No. Not happening. I figured out that when pressured to write, nothing really happens that moves the game forward. Plus, I barely have time to do what I currently do in gaming. I need to pile on a plate of "extra-fail" like I need to gain another twenty pounds.

Ehhh... anyway... who knows... Just mostly posting today to let folks know that I'm still not dead... =P

-- GopherDave


  1. "I'm not dead yet!" (in Monty Python voice)

    I assume you'll be at the ACD Games Day this year? We're looking forward to it. :)

  2. I am with you whatever you decide to do. Looking forward to more content though for certain.

    Funny, I only seem to produce in large amounts when there is pressure, real or manufactured. I am a week away from starting a huge Traveller game that I started planning a month or two ago. I would say 75-80% of the material I designed for the game was design in this past week BECAUSE I know I am only a week away. The threat of looking like an idiot is very motivating.

  3. @ Kristi: I'm not sure yet. A few financial snags have come up and I am trying to save for GenCon for the whole family this year.

    @ BA: Yeah, pressure make me perform better, but I really don't have time to be waiting until the last minute anymore in my life. As for looking like an idiot... I've been behind the screen long enough (35+ years) to be able to fake what I haven't "prepared" fairly well... =P