Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wreck And Repair...

Okay... Things are... better...

I had a talk with one of the folks with whom I was having issues, and while the early part was fairly heated, things were somewhat better by the end of it. It seems that when I see things around me are mostly broken, I have to break the rest of it before I can think about enacting any sort of repair.

Trust me, this is not the best way to operate.

Things are changing in big ways. I hate change. I have not been handling much of what has been going on around me well. I needed a breakdown before I could gather up the pieces that are me. That has happened. I should be good for a while.

On the gaming front, I will be running a game. It will be happening every other Saturday. What it will be is still to be decided. I'd like to run something that will lend itself to a long-running campaign. I have ideas for "Vertigo Dreams" setting I used for one of the scenarios this past Winter War, but modern-day conspiracy/X-Files stuff does not always lend itself to an extended campaign. The other one is a straight-up superhero game using Champions/HERO 6th. It would not use anything in a historical context from my past campaigns. I might re-use some villain names and concepts, but their powers and histories would change.

The big thing about the supers game is that all players should be ready to play comic-book superheroes. No transplanted fantasy creatures... no building powers out of concept just because you can... no non-hero mindsets. Players looking for a "killing orcs for beer money" or "a White Wolf-esque political game" or  those looking to "game the system/world" need not apply. This all said, I run a game with "smart" criminals. Most of them have solid motives and distinct personalities. The disposition of the "bad guys" will vary wildly, from goofy knock-abouts to deadly-serious, vicious murderers.

Wow, the more I write, the more it seems like I am decided on what I am doing...

Writing as thought process... Who'd of thunk it...

-- GopherDave


  1. Glad to hear that things are turning around for you dude. As to the supers idea....Whoo! Hooo!


  2. I'm also glad you're feeling better and starting to resolve some of the problems.

    Definitely like the Supers idea. I'd like to try one that way; a good old-fashioned comic story with people trying to help, an appreciative public and government not figuring out who's under the mask in 24 hours (cuz that's what would really happen).

  3. Yeah... running a superhero game in a "realistic" manner is a negative sum game in terms of fun...