Friday, August 02, 2013

Checking In...

Another day, another thing full of stress... but it's minor stress, so  it's okay.

I spoke with the player whom was most affected by the darkness I instigated in the Champions game this past Saturday. While I have a way to return him an untainted version of the character, he still has reservation about it, so he would like to bring a new character. It's totally understandable to me, and this is a mistake I will learn from. The idea I had, though, can be modified to bring in his new character *AND* lighten up the tone of the current campaign, so, it's still viable, and is going to be used.

Tomorrow will mark the 22nd anniversary of my marriage to the lovely, Loquacious one. We've been through a lot of things in our lives together, both good and bad, but I cannot think of another person I'd rather weather those storms or bask in the sunshine with. Loquacious is a large part of what made me who I am today, and I am all the better for it. Love you, sweetness... now and always.

-- GopherDave (a.k.a. The Dude)

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  1. So your game went a little dark...meh.

    It's not like The Fro is going to go out and start sacrificing to The Corn.

    Seriously though. Whichever direction you want to go will be fine with me. I have some thoughts on how The Fro would respond to this, and I'm hoping I'm back by the time of the next game. (I'm going to be in Texas/Mexico until at least Friday noon. Things are not looking good for an early return. Lots of people who I need to meet with.)

    When you said "Loq is a large part of what made you who you are today", my first thought was "old?". (Yep. A troll...)