Saturday, April 11, 2015

Second Verse, Same As The First... Plus Bonus Material...

Ran the second session of Feng Shui this Thursday passed... Once again, it was a lot of fun... We enjoyed it a great deal.

It is going well enough that I am setting up a second campaign of it, but I am waiting to start it until the final PDF for the revision is ready before I do so. It has been indicated that the file should be ready by the end of the month, and I for one am almost giddy...

I really dig this game, and it is one of those little-known gems in the RPG section of our hobby that folks don't seem to pay much attention to.

Meanwhile, over on the other side of the table...

The last run of my Chicago-based "Collapsed Timelines" Champions game went fairly well. We were down a couple of players, but those that were there did alright. They fought a group of hyper-powered assassins called the Hired Guns. In the end, the still as-yet-named group of heroes captured two of the four culprits, and lived to fight another day.

The run went well enough that I am working on bringing back another thing I used to do for my Champions games back in the late 80s/early 90s. I am hoping to find some space that will host PDF files that is fairly easy to us, as I would love to make a campaign site that my players could use and the rest of y'all could dig through.

Toodles for now... =)

peace... GopherDave


  1. Have you considered Box/Dropbox? Else the G+ drive could be shared IIRC... I tend to use Box myself...

  2. Have you ever looked at Obsidian Portal? It's a free site that lets you create wikis for your campaigns. You can leave it so the whole Interwebz can see it, or make it private. You can even designate info for GM eyes only so that your party members won't see your evil plans.

  3. Paul... I hadn't considered Box/Dropbox or even G+, mostly because I was looking for something that looked more like a web-site and less like a file-dump. Are some customization options and/or templates for any of those to make them look less... corporate workload-ish?

    Delf... I have looked at both Obsidian Portal and Epic Words. Of the two, Epic Words has more of what I am looking for, but it seems like they have no one "manning the phones" any longer in regard bugs, e-mails, fixes, or even routine maintenance. Obsidian Portal *DOES* have folks manning the stations, but the site is very much geared toward campaigns of a fantasy nature (D&D/Pathfinder, specifically), which is not really useful to me...

    Currently looking at Wordpress, or even just shelling out the money to get some server space on my own and custom building a site...

    1. Okay... retracting my previous statement about Obsidian Portal. Apparently I didn't look deep enough... That may very well do what I need... =)