Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 133 of 362

A big day today with the release of the newest Magic: the Gathering set, New Phyrexia. Singles are all priced and sorted and the bulk common and uncommon cards have been put into playsets. Many thanks to the Gophers that helped out last night to get this accomplished (HighSign, Daddy DeathSpank, Snow, Osmosis, and Tiny A), plus another shout out to my wife (Loquacious) and our son (Skribl) for helping as well.

Once the day was done, Skribl, I, and few Gophers went to go see Priest at a midnight showing. Fun movie, if more than a bit predictable. Good actions scenes, and definitely set up for a sequel. Catch it at a matinee or as a rental, and you should have a good time.

I would write more, but Skribl is having an vision-aid related emergency, so I must attend to that...

-- GopherDave

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