Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day 151 of 362

Another shipment day, another day of running late, but I will take the well-rested part and run with it.

I forgot to mention yesterday that it was DC Adventures time again, so I got a chance to play my favorite cynical telekinetic, Marathon. Marathon took his name not from his telekinetic abilities, but from his lack of need to sleep and his ability to take a not insignificant number of hits. He just keeps going and going and going... Marathon proved that yesterday when the game for yesterday started in media res.

I won't go through the whole details, but it seems that Doctor Destiny slipped out from Arkham and decided to probe our group about what we know of an event called the Reckoning. Up until that point we had never heard of it... However, while Marathon was in the adventure, he wasn't really in the adventure. Apparently Doctor Destiny plays with peoples dreams and their dream states, but since Marathon doesn't sleep, the good doctor could not affect him.

So... during the time while my teammates are "dreaming" and adventure where Dream Marathon eventually turns on them to get information about the Reckoning out of them and takes on the rest of the group one-on-five, the real Marathon is tracking down the crazy, withered, husk of an old man in an effort to end this situation. Marathon does eventually find the crazy old geezer, puts him unconscious, and ends the altered dream state for the rest of them.

Once that was done, we moved onto the heart of the adventure, which was actually discovering things out about the Reckoning. We do so, and it the process, some of us find out a bit about our own origins. In fact, we find out enough that we dropping the whole Reckoning thread for a bit and tracking down Amanda Waller, who, as far as Marathon is concerned, can just go die in a hole already for what she has done to us thus far...

Later... GopherDave

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