Saturday, June 04, 2011

Day 154 of 362

I swear, there is red on this tie. However. every time I wear it, I manage to tie it in such a way that hides that particular color. Weird.

Hey there... Actually getting an early start to a long day. I will be leaving the store early as it's World of Darkness night and Loquacious will boot me out. The big project for tonight is pricing out a collection of MtG cards someone wants to sell to us for store credit. Not what I originally planned on doing, but hey, it pays the bills...

I actually got to play in the Alara-block after-FNM draft last night and took second (out of eight). Go me! The real prize though was in one of the prize packs of M11 that I opened. It contained a Grave Titan and a foil Baneslayer Angel. The combined worth of the two cards is somewhere in the neighborhood of $40. I think I did good.

Anyway... off to the salt mines.

Later... GopherDave

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