Sunday, August 07, 2011

Day 218 of 362

I'm not fooling myself today like I did yesterday. No sweater vest...

...but there is this snazzy tie clip. Boo-yah!
 It's Sunday, and normally that means a couple of RPGs going on at the Gopher today. However, due to GenCon, one of them will not be running, nor will Monsterpocalypse be happening. Pathfinder Society and Board games are still good though.

Last night was not the productive workspace I envisioned it to be. A situation came up with my daughter which did not take much time to resolve, but kind of left me in a mental haze of "what the hell are going to do with this girl" for the better part of the evening. I recovered, but not in time to get any meaningful work done. Ehh... there's always tonight... hopefully.

Beyond all that, Loq and I (and the girl, who's on SERIOUS lockdown) will be making a road trip to see another game store. Loq and I have been looking at putting slatwall into the Gopher, and this store is not only full of slatwall, but the panels they put up are the same color as what we want AND they have leftovers that they are willing to let go for cheap. So...

Away we go...

-- GopherDave

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