Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 221 of 362

Hey there... It's Wednesday and that means shipment day. I'm running even more behind than usual, so this will be shorter than usual.

Last night was the DC Adventures game that I play in. Excellent as always... thank you, KnightErrantJR. Once again, My character (Marathon) brings killing someone (Amanda Waller) to the table as an option based the revelation of new information. Never mind the fact that Waller has suicide bombs in four of us (if she dies, we die). Given how many morally repugnant situations she seems to be in the middle of, offing her is the most pragmatic good we could do for the world at this time.

Strange how the only one of Marathon's teammates who share his view is...

A) One of the two who WON'T die if she dies...

B) The same guy who a few sessions back threw the Bat-Signal at Marathon in anger/self-defense. (LONG story).

Later... GopherDave

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