Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 328 of 362

Blue, gray, and black... For some reason, it feels right...

Last night was a long night, but an overall good one. Today promises to be more so.

First, I'm heading to the store for a bit, then Loquacious is going to relieve me, and I will change out of my normal, dapper gear into something more conducive to drumming. I've been invited to Grumpy's house for a a holiday jam session. I haven't truly touched a musical instrument in 20+ years, but that hasn't completely killed the urge. I do like music, and though I am old, out-of-shape, and WAY out-of-practice, I'm looking forward to it.

Once we've deafened ourselves, I'll come back to the store and play in Shady's Star HERO game. It wasn't what I intended, but I believe I have come up with the most racist Asian character ever. I'm going to see how this character ("Xia Ling-Jen", or just "Ling") develops... Depending on what happens, he'll either get spaced by one of the other PCs for his antics or he'll become so indispensable to the ship/crew that they'll put up with his crap. The more I look at this paragraph in writing, the more intrigued I become by the possibilities.

Finally... apparently I won something. You can read about it here. All I'll say for now is "Thanks, JJ! 'Tis appreciated"

-- GopherDave

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  1. Rock on, GopherDave! Everyone knows drummers are the coolest. Oh, why yes. I too am a former drummer. :) Not that I was ever any good at it, but that's not the point. Hope you're doing well!