Friday, December 09, 2011

Day 341 of 362

It's Friday, so that means Friday Night Magic at the store. It'll be a bit different this week, though. Skribl (my son) will not be there to help me as he will be on a weekend vacation to visit some friends up north. It'll be a bit hectic for me, to say the least.

On another note, we found out what the last snag is in regard to trying to move. Once I read the e-mail explaining it, it was all I could do not to completely lose it in terms of temper and frustration. I kept it in check, though, and no one got hurt. We're trying to schedule a face-to-face with the other parties involved in order to get to the bottom of it all. Both sides have been working through realtor-esque intermediaries, and I think that has been part of the problem. Either way, after the face-to-face, we'll know if we are moving forward or moving back to square one.

The Geiken Family Benefit for tomorrow proceeds apace. Loquacious is doing the bulk of the "heavy lifting" on this one. I will be there to help, and I am the auctioneer for the live auction we're having. If you've never seen me as an auctioneer, you're in for a treat, but don't blink. I don't play around. Stuff gets sold quick...

Speaking of quick, I need to jet. I have an errand or two to run before I hit the store.


-- GopherDave

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