Thursday, January 26, 2012

Say It With Me Now...


It's the day before the convention, and things are avalanching down at breakneck pace. We;re only slightly behind the curve, but we are actually less behind than usual. There are still a couple of things to dig-up just in case our various "Plan A's" hit critical fail.

I'm getting to play Champions tonight, but my mind will not be on it. Too much stuff rattling around in my mind. I fully expect, while playing, to make a Notepad list of things that come to mind that need to be done before we hit the convention tomorrow. Then, once I get home, there is laundry to be done. From the looks of it, sleep will be that thing that other people get this weekend.

I've said it before, though... I wouldn't change a thing. It's one of my favorite times of the year. While my focus has shifted from convention attendee/event judge to vendor, it's still a blast for me. I never could do it any year without Loq's help, and as a store, Loq, Skribl, and I couldn't do it without the Gophers. Those guys rock... ...on toast.

-- GopherDave

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