Wednesday, January 25, 2012

T-Minus Two Days And Counting...

Got an early start to the day and have been knocking things off of my to-do list. Tomorrow will be hectic as well, but not as much so I think. If I can get the last two things knocked off of my list today, we'll be in great shape for the weekend, I believe.

I forgot to mention in my last entry about the (then) impending DC Adventures session that occurred last night. Everyone got into things, we split the party, Marathon got to sink an Apokoliptan robot, Fahrenheit got to wear Zeus' Thread of Life as a belt (don't ask), we saved pretty much the whole of the Greek pantheon (except for Circe, who was stabbed dead by Myrmidon, but in his defense,there were some vengeance issues going), and the ever-awesome Necromancer got trapped in a ring. All-in-all, a great time was had... Thanks once again to KnightErrantJR for running such a great game.

In other gaming news, I've been invited to join a Pathfinder RPG game. Not my go-to genre in terms of play (I've done fantasy to death), but it's a completely different group of people to game with and it's off-site, so I can concentrate on being Dave and not GopherDave. A lot of y'all think they're one-and-the-same person, but trust me, they're not. Do they share traits? Yep, but there are differences... Those who know me well can tell you exactly what they are, too. I won't elaborate here.

Still more game-related stuff, the store has been chosen as a playtest site for D&D Next. Full details on that are still forthcoming from Wizards of the Coast, so not much to report. I'm also getting an itch to run a home-brew game once again... This itch has been building for a while, and the font of creativity behind it has only been contained by a plethora of other things to do and a severe lack of time. With the hiring of a couple of part-time folks, and placing more trust in Skribl to run the store on his own, I feel the logjam beginning to break free. What form the home-brew game will take is still nebulous, but I have a couple of ideas percolating...

Finally, Winter War... It's coming up in two days (hence the entry title), and I feel we're more prepared for it than we've ever been. What we're bringing will be reduced from years past, but not because we are dogging on the convention. No, this year we're not bringing a lot of items that traditionally don't move for us. We've done several years of "bringing the store", but now we're being smarter about and bringing what we think will sell well for us as opposed to EVERYTHING. Plus, we have a lot more stock now. Everything is quite a load...

That's it for now... time to turn my "to-do" list into a "to-done" list...


-- GopherDave


  1. I'm you have an idea for who you want to partake in D&D next?

  2. Not at this time, no... There's plenty of interest in it though. Unfortunately, I can only run one "campaign" due to time constraints.

    As who gets to be in it..? I'll have a better idea once I can pin down a day of the week and have a better understanding of exactly what will be expected of me/us.

    I have no doubt that some folks will be disappointed and/or angry, though. I'm going to have to "play favorites" at least a little just based on availability, perceived group chemistry, and how well I believe various people can convey their critical thoughts in written form beyond the typical "this sux/this rulz" axis, and return said criticisms in a consistantly timely manner.

    That tends to be the main problem with forming any playtest group. A lot of poeple want to play, but don't actually want to do (or worse, refuse to do entirely) the gruntwork that is required. Wizards of the Coast is giving us a HUGE priveledge here, and if we want something like this again in the future, this is the price we have to be willing to pay to keep making cool stuff like this happen.

    1. Congrats on the opportunity. I really hope D&D swings back a little towards 3.5 in terms of detail. 4th nicely cleaned up some of the overly-complicated stuff from 3.5, but WOTC got a little carried away with the cleaver.