Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Running Out Of Titles...

So... I'm running out of headers for blog posts. The "Day XXX of 362" stuff made things much simpler. As it goes, I'm going to repeat a title eventually, just like I repeated one of the outfits recently within twelve days of me first wearing it. I'll admit, it's a good-looking, albeit conservative pairing, but I do strive for more variety than that.

Speaking of conservative, my sweater vest-wearing, GOP nomination-seeking counterpart got *spanked* by more than ten percent by the other GOP front runner. I cannot complain much here, as I did not get much of a chance to go vote yesterday (honestly, I forgot), but two things basically kept it from my head. One, it was the primaries. Two, I don't like ANYONE currently in the GOP pool. Hell, if it wasn't too late to get in the game, I might have considered throwing my hat in the ring. My platform against Rick Santorum would be "I wore them first!", while my strategy against Romney, Gingrich, and Paul would be "I'm not any of these other crazy bast*rds!" I kind of like my chances... =P

Stepping beyond politics (mostly due to my not being very political), last night was KnightErrantJR's DC Adventures game. It was, as always, a blast. Last night was a big fight with a "Captain Nazi's Amulet-enhanced" Vandal Savage. (NOTE: I'm still trying to work my head around that one.) In short, we've been chasing a trail of infected Lazarus Pits and finally (we believe) found the source of it all. Fight was had... Savage hit like a truck... Used a combination of brains and brawn to beat him. When it was all said and done, Marathon dropped Savage from the stratosphere. Yes, Marathon knows it will kill him, but he also knows that Savage will get right back up as if nothing had really happened. Heck, the drop from several miles was much nicer than what half of the team wanted to do with him, which was to shove vandal into the Sun.

Remember what I said about us being a more cheerful group of heroes? Yeah... forget that...

-- GopherDave


  1. Possible titles

    "New Ties for this Guy"
    "Gopher Dave, Pave the Way"

    Alternatively, you could go with the stream of consciousness.

    IE love hate work game


    good dinner free time what?

    Just some thoughts for laughs,


  2. Perhaps... =)

    Mostly, just coming up with something I haven't used yet is getting more and more difficult. Although, I could go to the "Monty Python" well for header titles and just start finding "appropriate" phrases from there... =P

  3. Give a name to that day's shirt/tie/sweater combo, and use that as the title of the post. Today's could be "Bordeaux." Yesterday's could've been "Electric Steel" (electric blue shirt plus grey shirt). Monday's is "Desert Oasis" (a patch of blue in the tie, while most of the rest of the outfit is tan). If you want to inject more creativity, let the content of the post also influence the title; e.g., if today's outfit is "Bordeaux," today's title could be "Getting Stomped Like Grapes."

  4. That's... a *VERY* interesting take on it, oh Anonymous one. One that I will have to consider.