Friday, March 23, 2012

Swoons and Slumps...

This week at the store has been slow... really slow. Now, if this was during our first two years of business, our sales would be right on par with our then-current average, but we are in our sixth year. Our level of average business has increased a *LOT* over the last three years. Now, the business we are doing is slow. I think I may have discovered an answer though...

Spring Break at the local university, junior college, and high schools.

Why is this news, you ask? Doesn't this happen every year during vacation times? Well, until this year, for us the answer would have been "no". Our sales have been on such a steady increase that we have never before encountered the swoon in business that occurs when roughly 40% of the game-playing populace leaves town. Now, with our sales running higher than they have ever been, we are in a position where our growth is starting to level out, and thus we now notice when folks leave town for an extended vacation.

It's going to make summer interesting, as we have never done the "summer swoon" before. Our sales in summer have always stayed level with our ongoing business. Well, we wanted to grow, and a lack of sales will hamper that, so we had better develop more avenues of making money.

Once we finish the remodel, we'll get right on that...

-- GopherDave

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