Thursday, March 01, 2012

Still Acclimating...

I got to leave at 7:30PM and let HiSign shut the store. A friend of mine and I hung out for an hour, and then I went home to the family. It was nice. I totally freaked out Pumpkin by being home. That was both funny and telling. It was fun to give my wonderful daughter a small scare, but the reasoning behind her surprise was kind of saddening. She's not used to me being home on weeknights hardly at all. Except for Mondays, and the occasional Saturday, I'm not. So when I show up at home at 8:30PM on a Wednesday night, it throws her.

It got me thinking... I have been pulling hours like this for THREE YEARS. Ack!!!

Looking at availability, It seems like I can not be here at all on Monday, except maybe to toss out an order based on the new order schedule we're thinking about going to. Sundays are set up now to where I can sleep in and spend time with the family, but I still have to go in and close due to having the floors done that night. I can go home early (or at least escape the store for a bit) on some Tuesdays and Thursdays due to Skribl stepping up his game, turning 18, and thus is legal to leave in a store by himself for extended periods of time.

Ehh... Looking at it, it would seem that my schedule is changing in ways that give me more potential release valves. Good... I need them. We all do...

-- GopherDave

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