Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back At It...

Note to self... Don't ever do that again...

The ubiquitous "that" would be drive to the in-laws some 530 miles aways, return a rental car, pick up a different car, hang out for a small bit, and then drive back arriving roughly 32 hours from when you first left. There was a five and a half hour nap in there somewhere, I think. I could do this, and things like it when I was 25 with relative ease. At 45 years of age... gah... it is/was exhausting.

After a day-ish to recuperate, I'm back in the saddle and playing catch up. There's roughly a couple of hours before the store opens today, and I still have a couple of errands to accomplish before I get there. That said, driving there and back provided me with about seventeen hours of ruminating time. Not all of it was taken up with game thoughts, but a significant chunk was. The rest of it was taken up with trying to stay awake, missing my family, and trying to stay alive while driving into the heart of a massive thunderstorm near Memphis.

-- GopherDave

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