Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Saturday at the store is kind of mellow with university graduation and Mother's Day preparations going on. The biggest problem with it all is the amount of "imported stupidity" that is currently on the roads in town. I witnessed someone almost get t-boned because they decided to make a sudden right turn from the far left lane of four lanes of traffic.

We have a Miniatures Day here today, but with everything else going on in town, it is being sparsely attended. This is opposed to last month when we had close to 20 people here for it. S'okay. With some of the festivities, some long-time Gophers who haven't been around for a bit have a reason to come into town, and they have been stopping by to say "hello". The fact that we are even on their itinerary of places they "had to" stop by while they are in town is both flattering and humbling. It means we've been doing something right.

Tonight, we have Shady's Terracide game happening. That means I get to play my racist, b**t**d character, Ling. The fact that a tubby, middle-aged Caucasian is playing a stereotypical Asian is, in itself, horribly racist. The fact that the character is also racist just means I'm going to several hells when I finally kick off from this dirtball. It's a small price to pay, though, as it gives Ling a depth of humanity that many fictional characters no longer have.

When I am role-playing, I hunger for such character depth. Far too often I see people who settle for giant combat machines for characters whose only purpose is to wait for their turn in conflict to happen and then go "I hit/shoot it". I understand that there exists games and/or genres for which that is entirely acceptable, but I find those games boring and unchallenging.

With the upcoming design project, I am looking to avoid making a boring/unchallenging game. Here's hoping I am successful...

-- GopherDave

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  1. "Chinese have a lot of Hells."

    I heard that somewhere.