Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Last night's DC Adventures game went in a manner that was unpredictable in many ways. First. Marathon devised a plan (a good plan, mind you) that the group not only accepted, but followed. Second, up until a third party jumped into the mix, said plan actually worked. To be honest, the third party jumping into the mix didn't really affect how or what the plan actually accomplished. The third party was to make clean-up easier.

It is while clean up is being made easier that things got a little out of hand for Marathon. It seems that his marriage to Mongal, which he really wanted to make work for his own reasons, was one of heir-producing convenience. On top of that, he's still married, and while he can see other people, Mongal pretty much warned him that spawning any more heirs would bring down her wrath. Yeah, I see bizarre marriage counseling in Marathon's future.

In the end, the group dealt with...

....forward observers for the Green Lantern Corp...
...several members of the Sinestro/Mongul Corps...
and each other.

To be honest, it was a fantastically fun, but odd-as-hell session. Kudos to KnightErrantJR for it, and the game in general. I'm truly enjoying it... =)

-- GopherDave


  1. Well Crud! I totally got my Tuesday nights mixed up. I've been wanting to sit in and watch one of your DC games for a while now.


    "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!"

  2. Intriguing. And yes, odd but that's players for ya.

    So glad to here you are enjoying DC Adventures (as I too am a fan) and to see someone else blogging about Superhero gaming.

  3. Nice talking to you last night Goph. It was weird, because I too have been thinking of a more rules lite supers game with more emphasis on the personal side of things. I think M&M is the right direction to go as opposed to Champions, but I have been picking up other things to look through, such as ICONS.

    Barking, I've been really enjoying your Blog, the problem I have is that I can't post a reply because I don't have a blog (yet, been thinking about it).