Friday, July 13, 2012

All Seems Go...

Okay... late night, early morning... here goes...

The Point of Sale at the store seems like the damage has been repaired. Three clean sweeps from three different virus scanning programs with nothing outside of tracking cookies found (and destroyed). Much thanks to PC and RNR Cowboy for the help with the magical, blinking box. 'Tis appreciated, folks.

Today is the release for the new Magic: the Gathering M13 Core Set. We cracked packs for singles last night, and while we got done earlier than usual, it still made for a late night for me. Many MANY thanks to Loquacious, TinyLittleBabyMan, Big Bank, LaneLane, Snow, HiSign, and Double L for the help. It was fun, but you guys knocked it out of the park.

Finally, I broke down and purchased the 40K 6thEd rulebook. I haven't had a lot of chance yet to look through it, but it *LOOKS* pretty and has LOTS of that "new book smell" going on, so that's something. On first VERY CURSORY thumb-through, it looks pretty good. Once I am up to speed, I think I will break out the Mexi-Marines and go shoot some things.

Seems like a plan... =)

-- GopherDave

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