Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Settling Back Into The Groove...

Okay, for the last week up until yesterday, it was hot here in the middle of the corn... VERY hot... I tried to wear the uniform, but it just wasn't happening. On top of that, we had three pre-release events for the up coming Magic: the Gathering care set (M13) happen this past weekend. I was pretty much awake for around 43 straight hours or so from 7:00 AM Friday morning until about 2:00 AM early Sunday morning. Needless to say, I was a bit tired. I closed the store Sunday night, after having slept the bulk of the day, and then spent the bulk of Monday doing pretty much nothing but sleeping.

However, the temperature has lessened and I am back to rested form, so I can hopefully settle back into a routine. With that routine comes working on game rules, which is something I should be doing now, but I wanted to throw something out there to let folks know that I wasn't dead.

Speaking of not dead, I have been watching folks play games of the new edition (6th) of Warhammer 40K, and I have been liking what I see. Is this new version my much beloved second edition? No, it's not. It does have much of what appealed to me from that edition, though. I like allies... I am intrigued by the "terrain as part of force org" rules... and the rules set in terms of what you can hit and what you cannot hit makes sense once again. I have a copy of the rulebook on the way for myself. Once I read it, I may break out the 'Marines and see what I can do. Who knows? It may be fun... which is something fifth edition 40K never was for me.

-- GopherDave


  1. So far, I've been mostly happy with it... Come on back :-) Since we're all learning as we go along...

  2. If I had the time I'd like to give it a go again, maybe not with Eldar though. I do have some Chaos Marines and Demons that I could ally together.


  3. Different "Anonymous" here, but was thinking the same thing as the one above. Except the Eldar part--silly Eldar and their fancy shoes. I'm not going to have any free time until Mid-August, but, then again, that's when the new Chaos codex will supposedly be out. Slannesh has indeed wrapped his/her/its tendrils of temptation around me...