Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Odd... But Good...

Things have been moving right along here, with me falling back into good habits that I had dropped for a bit. The one habit I need to pick back up though is working out. I have not done so for a bit, and I need to make that happen once again. Two or three times a week should be more than doable, I just have to carve it out of my schedule, which seems to have become clogged once again.

Not much is happening beyond that. The AC at the store is fixed, so my sweater vest-wearing self is happy on that front. I have been looking at game stuff and gearing up to run a game to find no spots on the store schedule that would be conducive to my doing so. I find that odd, but encouraging.

This Saturday I am thinking about making a short drive to Terre Haute to ISU-Con, just to check it out. It's not that far away, and I have the day off. Then again, I might check out some other area stores just to see what they are doing well that we might be able to implement at the Gopher.

Or I might just stay home and endure the remnants of Hurricane Isaac if it heads this way and hits us about that time...

-- GopherDave

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