Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm Late... I'm Late...

Okay, this is going to b a quick entry as today is Friday Night Magic and an anticipated release for a limited availability product. Oh, and it's shipment day as well, with ANOTHER limited availability product that goes on sale tomorrow. Plus there are errands to run...

Yep, my life is not complicated at all. It's also never complicated when I oversleep by ninety minutes...

Energizer bunny time, folks... You have yourselves a good one.

-- GopherDave


  1. Good luck and more power to you Dave.

    Also, I love that tie (and you know how I feel about ties so that is saying a lot)!

  2. Thanks, Adam, for both the luck and the compliment about the tie. I'm guessing the color has something to do with the appeal. ;P

    I don't, however, know how you feel about neckties in general. I'm guessing your take on them is not favorable given your note, but I do not remember any post/discussion about the subject.