Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time To Get Scared...

It's been a mellow sort of weekend...

I pretty much had Saturday off from the store and didn't have to be there until Sunday evening, so I managed to do some laundry and get some quality time in with the daughter. Sometime earlier this week, she and I had a conversation where it was discovered (by me) that she loves horror movies. I love 'em as well, but hadn't really been able to indulge as they are not even close to the Loquacious one's cup of tea... Except for Clive Barker stuff... The wordy one loves her some Barker.

So what did Pumpkin and I do?

I took her out to see Sinister (very creepy), then did some shopping (as a continuation of her birthday week), grabbed some dinner, then rented some more scary movies. I subjected her to the original Omen and the Exorcist (also the original), and Hellraiser is on the slate for Monday night. Then we get to watch the Collector, which is one that neither of us has seen yet. I am looking forward to it.

It'll be nice to go see horror flicks once again, and it'll be a good excuse to spend some quality time with our daughter. She's growing up fast, and I am not entirely looking forward to when she has her own life, but I'm her dad... I don't think I'm supposed to...

-- GopherDave

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