Thursday, May 09, 2013

Settling In And Cracking Up...

Okay... we've been here more than a month, and things still aren't as settled as I like. In that time, HiSign got a job elsewhere for twice what we were paying him *AND* benefits. He still works for us, but we are now working his schedule around his other job. It's totally understandable. He got a really *GOOD* job. That said, it means we are losing manpower at a time where we should be adding it, and we need to add it.

The new store is just too big for one person to cover well when it's busy. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, but we are slowly falling behind as business increases. I now have an office where I can do some of the behind-the-scenes work, but I frequently find myself on the floor helping customers due to the slow increase in business combined with the size of the store.

Am I regretting the move to a larger location? No, not really. The business was at a point where it *NEEDED* to grow as it had reached the maximum potential of the old spot. It's just taking me longer to adjust my mental paradigm to the new space and its requirements. I will not lie. The situation is causing me a great deal of stress, and my main mode of stress release (gaming) is something that I've hardly had the time to do as of late.

Perhaps the business has outgrown me and what I can do for it. That's definitely something to think about, but I'm almost afraid it will cause me more stress to do so.

Oyyy, vey... I think I'm going to do more work. It needs to be done and perhaps it will take my mind off of this...

-- GopherDave

P.S. -- In other news, we got more good press, and I don't sound like a raving lunatic... =P

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