Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Wellspring Has Sprung A Leak...

Another day in paradise... I am writing this from my laptop and all seems good. Looks like Cowboy did a fine job of fixing things up. However, a small part of me in the back of my mind is wondering when the next virus will hit.

"Lack of Work" continues on the Champions game. I find it frustrating because I actually have ideas of what I want to do and want to get them down on paper, but all of that runs completely counter to how I wanted to set this game up. As it goes, I have begun working on the ideas which are fairly generic and can be dropped into whatever the setting happens to be. Things like one-shot bad guys and plots like "Bank Robbery of the Week". It's all part and parcel of the genre. I just wish I had had this many ideas when I was running my last two Champions campaigns. It would have made keeping those games fresh a LOT easier.

Well, off to go do store stuff... I am hoping to get back tonight and make a more substantive post, but you never know what will happen here...

-- GopherDave

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