Monday, September 15, 2014

Stay On Target...

I hate my phone camera... I had to doctor this shot up to get even close to colors I was actually wearing today... =P
Okay... This is going out to all, I dunno, ten of you who actually read this thing. I am officially putting out the call for artistic types who can work in a superhero style/medium to do simple character portraits for a number of NPCs I'll be putting together over the next few weeks. The pay isn't great (in fact it'll be lousy), but it may get better with time.

See? Not only am I thinking about doing these things for personal satisfaction. I am seriously considering going through the motions of actually publishing (PDF only) these things for a modicum of payment. Some license stuff has to be worked out first, and I actually need to put some of these character stories that are in my head onto "paper", but I am slowly cementing a plan of action on how to get all of this done. They say it never hurts to have goals, and in regard to my being actually published in the game industry, I think this is it. I attempted this once before about twenty years ago, but the timing was absolutely wrong.

Now, while I'm not certain that the timing is right, it's at least better. Plus, I've been kind of inspired as of late...

My first projects...

the Asylum -- The approach to what the Asylum does is horrifying, sickening, and brutal, but what they are actually doing (and to whom) will present a serious moral challenge to the heroes they face. The subject matter around this group is dark, adult, and borderline explicit. Five characters, each with their own motivations, untied by a common thread.

Gateway Guardians -- A team of NPC Superheroes based in St. Louis (Arcflight, Big Muddy, Cardinal Red, Echo, and Jetstreak), meant to give a game world more flavor and help any overworked and/or novice GMs populate their game with good characters outside of their own PCs.

(Solo Villain Collection #X) -- It seems like this project needs some sort of cool "product name", but I really don't have one for it, yet. I'm thinking six to ten villainous characters for each "volume", possibly united by some sort of theme as well. Or maybe just a collection of whatever goobers I happen to bash out on the keyboard that month.

(Heroic NPC Collection) -- A smattering (five to eight) of heroic (and anti-heroic) types meant to add flavor and drama to a GM's game world. The characters presented here won't be tied to a geographical location, and so they can dropped in just about any place the GM puts their campaign.

I'm off, now... to go create "folks" and send off e-mails to potentially get this project up and running from a commercial standpoint...

Laterz... GopherDave


  1. "Almost there"

    If you've a need for drawings of stick men engaged in lewd activities I have some doodles I can let you have but unfortunately that's the limit of my artistic skills :)


  2. How about using the name of your supervillain prison for the villains book? Or possibly the name of whatever worldpolice agency you create.

  3. BTW, I'd help you out, art-wiase, but my style is more cartoony than I think you need and I haven't really drawn much in years.


  4. Drop me an email at barkingalienATgmailDOTcom. I can you some samples. I've actually been selling full color, pen and ink drawn, full figure superhero illustrations on DriveThruRPG.

  5. @DC: Nope... If it were disproportionate stick-figure porn I needed, I could do that myself... Thanks for the offer, though... =P

    @Tom: Honestly, sir... cartoony would work with some of these folks, the the Asylum are not those people... =) Also, I have been considering the HURT Files as a project name, but I am not enamored with my current layout (it's the one I mailed you). Looks okay on screen... prints out like crap-page...

    @BA: Message sent, sir!