Thursday, October 02, 2014

In Sickness and In Health...

Work has been delayed due to a combination of MtG: Khans of Tarkir pre-release events and my getting heinously ill for a week plus soon afterward...

The KTK pre-release events did go well, though, and were our best events of that type in two years. The set is slow, but good, with a fair chunk of value within, thus insuring that sales will be steady for the coming period.

As for the sickness, in a day I went from having an annoying sore throat for the day to having my sinuses take a surprise dump into my lungs at the end of it. Drippy, draining, coughing misery followed... yay.

I am finally on the upswing. Still sick, but doing well enough to catch up on work. I've been reading through the contract that HERO Games sent me for all of this. It's pretty standard, though I am finding little bits that are apparently outdated according to their head honcho. That basically means once I parse it all out, we begin the contract back-and-forth and get things situated on that end. By the time that happens, I should have the Asylum done, the Gateway Guardians up and started, plus outlines for one of the other (now three) projects that are on the burner at least sketched out. Yeah, contract issues can take that long to work out to both parties' satisfaction.

I figured folks would like an update, and I wish I had more to provide, but extra-curricular work moves slower than pace of real life...

peace... GopherDave


  1. Is the Champions stuff you are working on something that will find its way to DrivethruRPG, etc.?
    And, like I said earlier, I am always happy to read through stuff for you.

  2. DriveThru RPG and RPG Now are pretty much what I am setting my sights on. I could also sell it through HERO Games website (pending their approval), but I am not certain about that route, yet.

    I am thankful for the offer of read-throughs, sir, and I will be partaking of that offer.

    Right now cogitating on how I want present character histories. Most every place else I seen presents histories in prose form, but given that I am looking at doing something in the mold of an "official government file" I am debating doing them in more of a bullet point/timeline style. Not only would that add to the "official" presentation, but it would help in organizing events within the world if I did it all in a standardized format.

    Just some thoughts... =)