Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 of 362

From this picture, it seems like I have no idea what I'm doing with a tie in terms of alignment. Sigh.

I took a close(r)-up shot to show off the subtle gold herringbone stripes of the tie.
Well, as I said yesterday, shirts and pants came. The shirts fit my not-so-tiny self great (size 20, 36/37 for those looking for gift ideas). As for the pants, they look great and they feel good, but they are a *TOUCH* tight in the waist. I either have to lose 5-10 pounds (which would not be a bad thing) or buy the next waist size up when I buy next. I going to try for the former, but it'll probably be the latter.

Wednesdays are busy at the store. It's when we have the bulk of our orders coming in and that takes some time to process and receive into the system. Then you have pricing, stocking, pulling for special orders, updating the web site and Facebook pages, and contacting people with orders that their items are finally in-store. This is more of the grunt busywork kids, and it's gotta be done. Just a note to all you would-be game-store entrepreneurs. It's not actually all fun and games... ...there's actual work involved, kids.

Just sayin'... GopherDave

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