Thursday, January 13, 2011


The wife and I spoke to some good folks at an existing business about space. It seems they have a 20,000 square foot warehouse that they want to divest themselves of by clearing it out and dividing it out into four to six smaller suites.

We didn't do much more than speak with the owner and manager of the existing business about possibilities, but there is a fair amount of potential to be had here. Much of it though will depend on how much they wish to charge us for the rent.

There are a few things for and against it...

  • It's not in the best of areas. It's near a shopping corridor that borders on a not-so-safe neighborhood. Our alarm situation would definitely have to be upgraded.
  • The parking is half-good, half Crater City. It's my desire that the lot be fixed, or at least a plan put into place to make that happen sooner rather than later.
  • Once again, it's on an extreme edge of town. We are really actually trying to centralize things, but those opportunities are not presenting themselves.
  • Once again, we would be near a highway exit. Also, we would be MUCH closer to the power shopping corridor of the town.
  • We would have use/access to the tallest signpost in the county. When in use, any signage would be EASILY seen by highway traffic. Always a bonus.
  • We can pretty much dictate our layout. There's nothing currently there except (effectively) empty space. Which means we can put some thought into planning the best shopping experience for our customers.
  • Despite not being in the best part of town, we would have BETTER bus access than we do currently.
  • We could pretty much have as much space as we'd like out of the 20,000 square feet. It is my desire that our next physical move with the store (conventions notwithstanding) will be our last. I hate moving of any stripe. Plus, we are getting tired of telling customers "We're over here now". Two years after our last move, we still get people who thought we had gone out of business. That gets tiresome.
Well, that it for the time being. As things develop, I'll post updates here to at least give folks a break from the clothing prattle.

-- GopherDave

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