Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22 of 362

It's Saturday at the store and not much is going on. I did get an update on the "store sweaters" late yesterday. They should be here on Tuesday. So Wednesday, if you didn't know which store my wife and owned before, there will now be a visual clue.

We are scheduled to look at more potential relocation spaces on Monday. Updates for that situation as they develop. There are so many things we want to do to improve the store that are pretty much dependant on finding a bigger space. In no particular order...

  1. More Fixtures -- We need more shelves upon which to place...
  2. More Stock -- There are at least five lines of miniatures we'd like to get in, plus we'd love to carry more of the minis games we do carry. We would like more RPG stock, and we'd love to double our board game selection.
  3. More Tables -- To fill up more play space...
  4. New POS System -- We'd like a more modern point of sale software. What we use now is DOS-based. While it works, it's kludgy.
  5. New Computers -- We'd like to get a couple of more machines, bringing our total to three. Then we could have one dedicated POS station, one station that can run events and double as a back-up POS site if we need it, and one station in the back office into which we can take our time entering inventory and conduct more of the back office applications. We'd also like these tied into each other.
  6. Employees -- We need help. When we move, we're expanding the hours. I already personally put in 60-80 hours a week at the store. The wife puts in about 30-40 hours a month, and we get some help from the boy in the range of 10-25 hours a week. The boy does not want this to be his life, and I can appreciate that. The wife works a day job. We are beginning to get overwhelmed with the grunt work and cleaning that needs to be done. Thus, we need help. The only thing stopping us from hiring someone now is the fact that they would have nowhere to do the grunt work we need done outside of cleaning.
  7. Dedicated Storage -- Right now, the store office is more of a storage closet filled with back stock. This needs to change.

There's more things that need to improve, but they're not coming to mind now.

Until tomorrow... GopherDave

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