Sunday, October 09, 2011

Day 281 of 362

It's Sunday... I'm getting a late start, but that was semi-engineered. Loq is opening the store while I get ready. I'm going to pick some lunch for the two of us when I go in, and we'll get to spend some time together.

Later tonight, I have a game to run, but I have exactly ZERO idea where we left off due to it being four weeks since we've met. Also, since I killed my other Champions games, I have some ret-conning to do, as well as some plot rearranging. Some of the things that we're going on in Phoenix we're going to indirectly affect some of the things happening in Chicago. Now that Phoenix is abruptly done, I gots some fixin' to do...

The benefit yesterday went well. We raised over $1000 for the family of a local gamer that had passed away. Among the things that were raffled off were a "coming soon" movie sheet for Serenity that was signed by Gina Torres, and a working script from an episode of Firefly ("Trash") that was signed by the director. Good stuff!

Anyway... I gotta get going. I have lunch to pick up and a wife to spend time with...

-- GopherDave

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