Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 285 of 362

Things are motoring right along in Gopher-land. Our lease is coming up soon, and we have to decide if we are staying where we are currently or moving. Honestly, we need a bigger space, but I absolutely LOVE the physical location of the place where we're currently at in relation to the rest of the town. It's a hard decision made even more difficult by the fact that our current landlord is really good.

We went looking for spaces about a year ago, and found one that fit with my gut. Trouble was, we weren't ready for the move then. Part of the problem currently is that we are STILL not ready for the move now in terms of fixtures, point-of-sale system, and other back room operations. We look second-rate, and if we move, we will for a while as any larger space will eat up more rent, which means less money for all the stuff I'm talking about.

As with anything, I've got to go with my gut... Everything else means nothing if my instincts say something is wrong for us. I like comfortable, and I absolutely *HATE* moving in any form (businesses, households, furniture), but if my gut tells me we should move to a bigger space (and it is... loudly...) then that is something that cannot be ignored.

Hmmm... Tough choices... gotta love 'em...

-- GopherDave

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