Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 353 of 362

It's shipment day at the store, and there is a metric TON of stuff coming in today. The bulk of it is restock, and I *STILL* didn't hit all the bases because I'm a caveman at purchase orders using all four of my 44-year old eyes... Definitely need a new point-of-sale system. I need to get that ordered today...

Later on today, Loq and I will be looking at another potential Gopher hole. I'm not expecting much, but I'm open to looking. From a historical standpoint, if my memory serves me correctly, the building we're looking at today once housed a camera/photo shop. One that was the first place in town to EVER carry D&D books back in the mid-70s. On some level, it'd be nice to be the ones to bring that full circle, but I'm not going to let that cloud my judgement.

Now, I gotta get going. Work waits for no man...

-- GopherDave

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