Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 355 of 362

Another busy day here at Gopher... It's so busy I almost forgot to do this, but then I remembered during a lull.

Tonight is FNM... Tomorrow is pretty much a free and open day as it being Christmas Eve, I'm expecting at least SOME shoppers. We're gamers after all... As a group we procrastinate like no other. Want proof? Just take a look at release dates for games. How many of them actually *MAKE* their prospective arrival times? Probably less than 30%. Well... we, shop like that too.

Operation: Improve A Game Store is starting to slowly progress. We received the cash drawer, the receipt printer, and the barcode scanner in today. We are told that the rest of it will be shipped next week. That's fine... It'll all get here eventually. If the deal I have in the making goes through, we will have slatwall panels here the first week of January. It won't be all of what we need, but it will be the majority. Once we get the initial panels up, we'll see what needs to be added from there. If the deal falters, well... It'll take a little longer, but it will get done... Like everything else, all in good time...

-- GopherDave

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  1. That was super fast! Can't wait to see the rest happen.