Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Long Night...

Things are very tired in Gopher-land currently. With Friday Night Magic and the after-FNM event, we were here until sometime after 3AM. Part of that was due to UPS not bringing our shipment here until almost 6PM. I was not about to mess with it so close to FNM start time, so we threw it in the office for me to play with when I had a chance.

I have more shelves, hooks, and brackets ordered for the slatwall that we put up last week. I also have three bookshelves coming to be a place for the RPGs (new and used). The last major things that need to be acquired are some storage/filing/shelving units for use directly behind the check-out counter. After that, it will all be "polishing" and little upgrades. Things are moving forward and getting done thanks to the Gophers. Without their support, be it labor, emotional, or sales, this couldn't happen.

Today looks to be mellow, with not much happening other than one event tonight (MtG: Mirage-block booster draft, for those who are interested). We look to be home relatively early tonight. I am catching up on some stuff, and then looking to relax when I get home.

-- GopherDave

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