Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things and Stuff...

Okay... It's mid-afternoon at the store, and looking at my to-do list, it's looking like I will be here for a bit. There's a lot of things on it and I am limited to the speed of "various interruptions".

Last night I got to play the second incarnation of Gazdok once again. For those who do not know, Gazdok is a PathfinderRPG character I played in KnightErrantJR's Rise of the Runelord campaign right up until the entire party got wiped. He's a half-orc rogue who's more thug than finesse. Gazdok speaks in broken common, refers to himself in the third person, and his idea of stealth is to walk up to the person he's trying to sneak by, grab them by the shirt and scream "YOU DIDN'T SEE ME!!!" loudly and in the most intimidating manner possibly. Strangely enough, it works better than you would think.

Anyway, BigJ is running a Pathfinder game, and is in fact running Rise of the Runelords as his adventure path. There have been some tweaks here and there, plus we are still in the beginning of the first adventure, which takes place in the time BEFORE I had joined KnightErrantJR's game, so this part is still new to me. I'm certain we'll get to a part where I have played, and then have to play dumb for a bit, but we're not there yet. Last night was a blast, and it's sometimes enlightening re-visiting a character with a new group of people/players. My thoughts about Gazdok are fairly fleshed out with the first time I played him, but interacting with new people is bringing out new wrinkles I hadn't considered before.

Just some thoughts...

-- GopherDave


  1. so, the multiple personalities of Gazdok are going to be battling each other on Wrestlemania 28 on April 1...are you going to come by and watch? (We got it on Pay-Per-View

  2. My question is does a certain someone still get stuck in the furnace of the glassworks? Its not really Gazdok if it doesnt happen.

  3. @ KittenT: Probably not. It's not quite enough warning to be able to switch the schedule around on folks, and I'm scheduled to work 6PM to close that night.

    @ Abels: We haven't gotten to that part yet, sir. However, I'm certain if the situation warrants it, it shall happen. Gazdok even has another half-orc running buddy in this group (this one is an Inquisitor by trade) to help make it happen. I do miss Three, though...