Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wow... Just In One Week? Huh...

I was looking at the calendar earlier today, and two things popped out at me.

1) I hadn't paid store rent for the month yet (oops, done).
2) I leave in a week to go to a trade show for two and a half days. Is it really the middle of April, already?

Putting the store together slowly, though HiSign got a *HUGE* part of the stock rearranging done tonight. We are waiting for some bookcases to arrive so we can finish the shift. Once that's done, I can finally focus on the next step in my plan for Armored Gopher World Domination. I just want things in my immediate world settled for a bit so I can take a breath. Trouble is, it seems that steps and changes are happening at an ever-increasing pace. More than my brain can keep up with comfortably. I'm not in shutdown mode yet, but I am heading there.

Shutdown mode for me is odd, depending on the circumstances that got me there. More often than not, I'm still there physically, but nothing anyone says sinks in and I just go through the physical motions in an effort not to curl up in a ball. If things turn too extreme, I shutdown physically, or I physically pull myself away from the situation, block off the bulk of the world outside my own brain (friends and family included), and pull inward trying to let my thoughts catch up with my current situations.

As much as I have to be "on" during my upcoming trip, I am hoping that I can get some "ponder" time so I can play catch up... Otherwise, my brain thinks thoughts like this...

"Would it be criminal to want to remake the song "Rollin' (the Ballad of Big & Rich)" with a death metal grind? I say this only because I can hear how it could be done and sound good to those who like that in-your-face grind-and-growl..."

Yeah... not heading to a good place here...

peace... GopherDave

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