Thursday, June 07, 2012

Changing Targets...

As it goes, I have done a lot of thinking and consulting with the Loquacious one, and a plan and consensus has been reached.

I am going to GenCon, but I am *NOT* going to do the ten-week challenge. We both agree that it would turn me into a wound-up mess. I do miss running games in a convention environment, though, so we came up with a sort of compromise.

Instead of the ten-week challenge, I'm going to do the 34-Week challenge and run games once again at our local convention, Winter War. I plan on running at least three-games, and it will probably be four. I am still debating of if I will use an all-new game engine, or if I will dust off one of my others and refine it.

So, at GenCon, I plan to purely be a player, with a side of store owner, and potentially a touch of co-GM if a friend of mine needs helps with a couple of his events. At Winter War, I will be game designer, store owner, convention booth warm body, and, if the pattern holds to form, probably MtG: Pre-Release coordinator as well.

Tired won't even begin to describe how I will feel at the end of it all, but at least this way I'll get to sleep in my own bed each night... =)

-- GopherDave


  1. I think that is probably a good compromise. As much fun as The Red Haired Maniac is, he is also kind of scary and better left alone.


  2. Yes, the Manaic *is* kind of scary, but not really in an evil way.

    He's scary in an "ohmygodhowcanonepersonbehoppeduponthatmuchcaffeine" type of scary. Rampant, chaotic energy and passion, and with said passion comes a temper to match.

    No, I fully understand how he disturbs some people, but I still consider the Maniac more of an asset than a detriment.

    It's all in how you look at him and how willing you are to join in his wild ride...

    You have to remember, that sometimes-scary side of me was partly responsible for some of the best Champions games that ever happened around here. So, he's not all bad... ;)