Saturday, June 09, 2012

It's All Downhill From Here...

Okay, with a little bit of thinking, I have managed to come up with description/blurbs for three of my four propsed events for Winter War. I actually have something written up for the fourth event, but I'm not likeing how it is looking currently, so it's bouncing around in my skull undergoing revision. System-wise, I am going to use the core rules for my Tai'eres game, with a bunch of revision to update some sections and make it more "generic". Looking at the overall project, it actually won't take me all that long to make everything work in the grand scheme of things. Yay!

We were supposed to have to a Magic: the Gathering peseant event earlier today, but we only had five players show up, so it did not "officially" happen. It's okay, though. The players played games with each other for a few hours, and then left. It was all kind of low-key and I can get behind low-key every now and then.

Tonight is Shady's Terracide game, thus it's time to play my Asian racist bast**d, Xia Ling-Jien. As time goes on, Ling is becoming less racist, mostly due to having to use every resource (regardless of race) available to him to save his and everyone else's bacon. Ling was never envisoned by me to be leadership material, and the fact that he's kept everyone alive this long is more due to luck and quick-thinking than it is to brilliant planning. His transformation is a work in progress.

-- GopherDave

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