Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wait For It...

Okay... Mental crunch-time is kicking in and as the trip to GenCon approaches, I am being to compelled to cancel my portion of it by my own nature of not being able to let go. I've made trips before in the past and let others run the store, but those trips were pretty much of a business nature, and not as long of a time duration as the upcoming GenCon trip.

No, the GenCon trip is (mostly) for pleasure, and that evokes feelings of guilt within me that I find hard to quash. I understand that this is my hang-up, and that there are friends and family encouraging me to make said trip due to how I've been acting lately. To those folks I say "thank you". You see what I desperately need more clearly than I do at times. I'm just stubborn and don't listen well.

Beyond that, work proceeds apace on the sorting project. At this point, while I am hoping it gets by the time I leave for the convention, I'm not counting on it. Who knows... I could be surprised...

-- GopherDave

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  1. if you do not go, we will have words and it will NOT be pretty.